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Live kidney donors

People like you are doing something amazing.

So can you.

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Be amazing and get in touch

All you need to do is to send us a simple form to start a conversation.
There are no commitments and no expectations.

The kidney donor service we offer at the trust

Hear from our renal clinical lead John Stoves

The process you’d go through if you wanted to do something amazing

It’s all confidential and won’t take long. It helps us check early on if you can donate a kidney.

Our specialists at the Trust will invite you into the hospital to talk through any questions.

We’ll review the health questionnaire with you.

Think about this as a bit of an MOT to make sure you are all good to proceed.

We also want to check compatibility to help think about who you are donating to.

By now both we and you will be feeling confident things are looking good for the donation.

We’ll be making sure you are all fit and healthy for the operation.

We’ll also do some final kidney function tests and scans.

We’ll review all the results with you and give you an additional examination.

We’ll also offer any other support you might need from our team.

We’ll do one last review with you ahead of surgery.

We also want you to meet an independent assessor to make sure all the ‘right’ reasons have been thought about for this donation.

Now we are good to go.

You really are amazing!

Non-urgent advice: Remember!

You can change your mind at any point even if you have a date for surgery.

Why we need all our community involved?

Hear from Tahira, our Cultural and Health Improvement Officer, on why this is such an important campaign for everyone to get involved with no matter their background.

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Answering your FAQs

Our live kidney donor coordinator, Michael, answers some of the regular questions that he gets asked.
Click on the video panels below for a no nonsense answer.

Will I always have to take medication afterwards?

Can I still exercise and enjoy sports in the same way that I used to?

What financial support is there?

Let’s talk

If you get in touch you’ll have the chance to ask loads more questions to help you decide if kidney donation is right for you.

Leave us your details and we’ll have a conversation about becoming a kidney donor.

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